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Our Services

At wnm limited, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond rapidly and with great flexibility to meet our clients’ needs and we currently provide 3 main services:

Composite Products and related Construction Infrastructure +
Technology +

How We Work

We believe in working in synergy with our clients which goes beyond the sale of goods and services. Our end –to-end integrated business service involves partnering with our clients to deliver solutions which enhance their businesses. This therefore means taking a long term view to supporting our clients and ensuring they meet their business goals and objectives.

The design stage involves working with our clients to understand their business needs in detail and working closely with the stakeholders within the relevant business unit to deliver the required designs and specifications.

Equipment Procurement & Financing
Our access to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and international equipment manufacturers as well as longstanding alliances with international logistics companies and local bankers offers us the opportunity to deliver exemplary procurement services to our clientele. In 2012 alone, we delivered over 800km of 32 core and 96 core Fibre Optic Cable from the UK and Egypt on behalf of one of our clients in the Telecoms sector.

Further, we offer highly sought value-added services, including warehousing of equipment prior to delivery.  In certain instances, we finance procurement of materials and equipment as part of our implementation of turnkey projects. We have the capability to offer other industries our flawless Equipment Procurement and Financing Services, thus ensuring a seamless operation to clients.

As part of our service offering we ensure that we engage our clients in ensuring that their human resource have the right competencies to effectively manage delivered solutions. This means where necessary we chaperone this resource on training sessions to the OEM’s training centers. We also ensure that a “train the trainer” approach to sharing knowledge on new solutions is implemented on client sites. In 2013 & 2014 we successfully delivered on training in the Uk, France and the US for one of our clients in the Oil and Gas Sector.

Our technical team are on hand to oversee the installation or implementation of new solutions by newly trained in house resource. Elements of the installation process which fall within our expertise are also undertaken by us as part of the process.

In keeping with our commitment to a qualitative customer experience, we ensure the availability of our technical team to provide close and continuous post implementation support. The monitoring of all completed projects includes ensuring our clients are supported in the servicing and or maintenance of their assets.

Our Clients

Past years have seen wnm limited build an important client base, crucial to our organisation. Our customers range from individuals and SMEs to Multinational & Government Agencies.

wnm Clients

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