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Unique Manhole Cover Locks (Bolts)

Unique Manhole CoversOur manhole locks prevent unauthorized access and provide protection against vandalism and tampering. The secret lies in the variable encoding groove, milled in the manhole screw’s top side so that it can be installed and removed only with the matching key. Our manhole locks consist of a special high-quality alloy hardened to about 58 HRC (Rockwell).

The threefold nickel and chrome coating verifiably prevents corrosion. Even road salt cannot affect the corrosion resistance of our manhole locks. In addition the encoding groove is protected against soiling with a screw-on plastic cap.

An additional security factor takes the form of an endless number of possible codes that on request can be protected exclusively such that only your authorized representative will be able to order access keys and our systems will ignore orders from unauthorized
persons for your absolute security. Our manhole locks can be retrofitted on both concrete
and cast iron manhole covers.