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CyberLock Access Control

CyberLock is an innovative, robust, electronic cylinder that easily converts mechanical locks into an easy to install access control system, with over 350 lock designs available. No wiring is needed, as power is provided by the battery in the key.

They also have no keyway and hence cannot be picked.

Each lock features:

  • Circuit Board with Processor
  • Unique ID
  • Encrypted System Code
  • Memory – 1,100 entries
  • Ability to disable lost keys
  • Options, such as time delay or dual access control
  • Recording of a wide variety of events

With no inner keyway, CyberLock cylinders are ideal for outdoor operations, preventing exposure to environmental pressures such as moisture and dirt. For high security installations, drill resistant cylinders are available, such as used in the CEN6 padlocks.

One Key... Many Locks...

At the heart of the CyberLock system is the highly intelligent CyberKey, which unlike traditional keys, cannot be duplicated. Each key is encoded with a unique ID, and carries a defined schedule for the key holder. The schedule highlights the locks the key holder can access, and the date and time to allow entry. In addition, CyberKeys can also be issued with a date to begin working, and a date to automatically expire, limiting the risk of a lost key!

A record of all events is stored in both the locks and the keys. The key stores up to 3,900 of the most recent access events, and the lock stores the most recent 1,100 access events. In addition, the key has a battery that is used to provide power and a clock chip that is used to keep and record time.

CyberKey Communicators
Communicators are used for communication between CyberKeys and the Management Software platforms. The communicators available depend upon the software installed and the requirements of the CyberLock installation.

Using CyberLock and its advanced management platform called Enterprise; you can program keys with your specific instructions and download their history from almost anywhere! This includes options such as local at the PC using a USB download station, across large geographic areas using a PIN Code Authoriser and remotely using a PDA or Blackberry.

Enterprise Management Software (CyberAudit-Web)
CyberAudit-Web is a comprehensive, feature-rich, enterprise software ideal for large, widespread businesses. It has the benefit of being easy to administer and use although select administrators have to be trained in handling the various authorisation roles that may be necessary (such as contactor control, or issuing keys to new staff).

CyberAudit-Web comes bundled on an application server or can be installed on a virtual server, allowing users to securely access the software from any computer on a local network or the internet. A hierarchy of administrators can be created, allowing each manager in the organisation control over the locks, keys, and people in their area of responsibility. Enterprise supports a variety of methods for communication between keys and the software, including the use of smartphones to program user keys in the field.

The Enterprise server provides significant capacity: systems of 15,000 locks, 15,000 keys, and 500 concurrent users can be easily managed within a single Enterprise server. Full specification details are available on request.

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